The presence of Isabel Pantoja has revitalized this year the attention from Spain to the Dance of the Rose, although the Sevillian singer is nobody in La Salle des Étoiles of Sporting Monte-Carlo, which this Saturday, March 25, celebrates its charity night to raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation. In 2020 and 2021 the event was not held due to the pandemic.

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At this annual event, the Grimaldis remember the actress who died in 1982 after a fatal traffic accident. One of the classics of the evening is the absence of the first lady of the micro state, Charlene Wittstock, who hasn’t appeared there for nine years. The gala is chaired by the ruling family but without the South African swimmer. It would have been much more credible for her to attend to disprove the “malicious rumors” that pointed to a separation instead of sending a statement, as she has done.

Caroline of Monaco is therefore the hostess of the event. The Princess of Hanover Of course, she does not have her husband by her side either, Ernesto de Hanover, with whom she is still married but has no relationship. The German prince lives with the daughter of Pitita Tridruejo and by the way, he spends a lot of time in Spain. But at least Carolina has the company of her brother and her four children.

Pierre Casiraghi and his wife, Beatrice Borromeo, have been the first to arrive. after they have appeared Charlotte Casiraghi (sin Dimitri Rassam); Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo; and Alexandra of Hanover with Ben-Sylvester Strautmann, who was already at this Ball of the Rose last year.

Dinner always has a theme, as I did Chicho Ibáñez Serrador with the longed for One two Three. This year the Monegasques have wanted things to be Bollywood and that is why they are auctioning off art and other handicrafts smelling of curry, with Stéphane Bern as presenter.

The enclosure has been disguised this March 25 as a Hindu palace. We see long tables with pink, orange and blue tablecloths, floral arrangements and candles with mandalas and other motifs that make you want to see them again. Slumdog Millionaire or at least go to dinner at a good Indian.

The Franco-Egyptian designer Christian Louboutin, confessedly in love with India and Carolina’s personal friend, he was in charge of the artistic direction on the death of Karl Lagerfeld in 2019.

Monte Carlo is a bit like Bombay this weekend, or more nien Benares. Music performances, of course dancing. They have announced the presence of Bella, the Bassant group, the choreographers Kamal Kant and Megha Jagawat, the principal dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, Jeremy-Loup Quer and the actor Punit J. Pathak. Mika, the singer of Lebanese origin, author of the song called Grace Kelly, will premiere her new album to put the finishing touch on the evening.