Angel Reese of LSU makes reference to Deion Sanders in her response to the rumors that are circulating about her.

Angel Reese of LSU makes reference to Deion Sanders in her response to the rumors that are circulating about her.

Angel Reese, a prominent player for the LSU women’s basketball team, went to social media once more on Monday in order to convey a message to those that are concerned about her recent absence on the court.

Reese did not play in the second half of LSU’s victory against Kent State on November 14, and then she was completely absent from the team’s performance against Southeastern Louisiana to Hammond on Saturday.

In the days leading up to the home game versus Texas Southern on Monday night, Reese’s status was up in the air, and social media was rife with speculation about what that status might mean within the team’s overall structure.

On Monday, Reese posted a video of a speech given by Colorado football coach Deion Sanders to her Instagram account. The video appeared to be a message to those who are judging her because of the current circumstances.

Angel Reese utilized an inspirational lecture given by Deion Sanders to deliver a message to the critics on Monday, as the issue surrounding the LSU absence continues. Sanders is a former NFL player.

After being benched during the second half of a win against Kent State on November 14 due to claimed ‘attitude problems,’ Reese, one of the greatest players in women’s NCAA basketball, was curiously left out of LSU’s victory over SLU on Friday.

Even before that, on November 14, she was benched for the second half of a win over Kent State.

The reason why she did not show up on Friday is still a mystery, but the 21-year-old was quick to dispel rumors she had been kicked off the Tigers team for having a grade point average that was too low.

Over the weekend, Reese appeared on X and urged viewers not to put too much stock in what they read.

Now, the benched LSU player has resorted to social media once more in the midst of the backlash, and this time she chose a ‘Coach Prime’ lecture as the medium to express what appears to be her current emotions.

Angel Reese, a standout player for the LSU women’s basketball team, did not appear in her team’s most recent game.

Her absence was especially notable given that she had been benched for the second half of her team’s most recent triumph.

The team’s head coach, Kim Mulkey, has been tight-lipped regarding Reese’s absence and the reasons behind it.

The rumors that academic concerns may be a factor were supported by conflicts that took place between the moms of LSU’s women’s basketball team players that took place online.

As a way to respond, Reese has posted some quotes from the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders, on her Instagram Story. These quotes echo a message of Coach Prime.

However, Reese did not play for the LSU Tigers in their game versus Southeastern Louisiana a week ago because he was not feeling well.

LSU is currently the team that has the NCAA title. This followed a strange contest versus Kent State, which had just occurred.

After missing a 3-point shot a little more than a minute in the first quarter, Reese was immediately moved to the bench.

Reese scored shortly after she re-entered the game, although she was taken out of the game before the second half began.

That laid the groundwork for Reese to be absent on Friday, after which Mulkey was similarly ambiguous and seemed rather offended that reporters kept asking about Reese’s circumstance.

According to Mulkey. “It should not come as a surprise that Angel was not dressed in uniform.

Angels is a member of this basketball squad, and we are all looking forward to seeing her in the not too distant future.