Paxson of Brad Pitt y Angelina Jolie, charged against his father through his Instagram stories. The young man published a photograph of the actor collecting his latest Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor, and took the opportunity to define him as “a global idiot” and “a despicable person.”

The young man published these words for Father’s Day 2020, although He did it on his private Instagram account. Since it was limited to a few users – those chosen by Pax himself – very few people were able to see the story. However, after a while, Daily Mail has had access to it.

“You have made the lives of those closest to me a constant hell,” Pax wrote, adding, “You can tell yourself and the world what you want, but the truth will come out one day.” With sarcasm, she wished the interpreter a “happy Father’s Day”, putting the finishing touch: “You’re a horrible fucking human being.” When he published this text, Pax was 16 years old.

From the British media they claim that the publication belongs to Pax, a source has confirmed that the private account does belong to Pax, and that only his friends from school could see it. “He never talks much about his parents, he is very reserved, so it’s something unusual,'” a source close to the young man explained to the tabloid.

It is unknown what triggered this publication. However, Pax’s words are reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s accusations in court. After a long legal battle that started with her separation in 2016, The interpreter filed a countercomplaint against Pitt in October 2022 in which he regretted his violent attitude and his addiction to alcohol.

The fight that changed everything: screams, blows and insults on board

The artist asked him for a divorce five days after he got into a serious altercation on a plane, touching her children. “The actor’s behavior was aggressive even before boarding the plane and alleges that there was a confrontation with one of his children. When Jolie asked Pitt what was wrong, he responded that she was too lenient with her children and then attacked her verbally.”

“Approximately 90 minutes later, Pitt ordered Jolie to the back of the plane and took her to the bathroom, where he yelled at her. He grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her against the bathroom wall. Then she hit the ceiling, Jolie left the bathroom and, at one point, one of her children tried to defend her. Pitt pounced on his own son, “said the actress’s complaint.

“At times, Pitt would approach them to yell and curse at them; he also served beer to both Jolie and her children. By the time the plane landed, Jolie had arranged transportation separately and told Pitt that she and the children were going to a hotel. She alleges that he yelled at her, pushed her, and prevented her and the children from leaving the plane for approximately twenty minutes. When Pitt finally let them leave, he again physically abused one of her children. Pitt grabbed and shook Jolie by the hand. head and shoulders. One of his sons begged him, ‘Don’t hurt her.’ As Pitt let her go, “He allegedly called her a bitch before saying, ‘Fuck you, screw you all,'” reflected the text.

It is likely that Pax wrote these words with that traumatic episode in mind. At the moment, none of the six children of the actors have spoken openly about the war between their parents. Of course, unlike what happens with Brad Pitt, Nor has any of them spoken badly about Angelina Jolie.

The actress adopted Pax from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in 2007. At that time he was three years old. He was abandoned as soon as he was born by his biological mother, who was a heroine. Brad formally adopted him the following year.