Ana Rosa Quintana starts ‘TardeAR’ with a tribute to María Teresa Campos: “Teacher, you will always be television history”

New direction in the history of Spanish television with the premiere of TardeARthe new format of Ana Rosa Quintana for Telecinco afternoons. The first program started with an exciting tribute from the presenter to the “pioneers” of television. The communicator has not ignored Maria Teresa Campos, who died on September 5 at the age of 82. “Wherever you are, you will always be television history and today I want to dedicate the first program to you,” she said.

In pristine white like every time she premieres a program or season, the presenter has started her program: “We have all changed. Everything has changed (…) For me today is a first time, another first time. After 18 years giving you the “Good morning, I begin by saying good afternoon to you.”

Next, he paid his particular tribute to the greatest women on television: “Television is the history of families, of women, the pioneers who have already left. Television is Laura Valenzuela, Blanca Álvarez, Pilar Miró, the “Television is Lolo Rico, it is Carmen Sevilla, it is Lina Morgan, it is the joy of Rosa María Sardá, television is the professionalism and genius of my friend Concha García Campoy. Television is Raffaela Carrá.”

Finally, she left María Teresa Campos for the end of her speech, with whom she competed for the title of ‘the queen of the mornings’ for so many years: “Television is that girl called María Teresa who wanted to get into television telling stories. She was a great teacher who renewed the way of making television. Spain fell in love with María Teresa Campos. Wherever you are you will always be television history and today I want to dedicate the first program to you,” he stated.

Ana Rosa Quintana is Telecinco’s big bet to recover its audiences, which have fallen in recent years and have plummeted since June after the end of Save me. The presenter has Sandra Barneda as a prelude, who continues to lead This is life from 16:00 to 17:00. The bet for him access prime time by Jorge Javier Vázquez started last Monday, September 11 and for the moment it has not worked in hearings with disastrous results. VIP Big Brother It is the other great hope of the network, which this Sunday improved its data with the Ion Aramendi debate.