Alba Carrillo has gone this Saturday to his job in Fiesta while Jorge Perez is ‘disappeared’ from television. The model is “tired” of lies and she has revealed that what happened between them “could have happened at any time” because of the chemistry they felt.

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In Alba’s opinion, the intentions of the winner of Survivors 2020 They were clear from the beginning of the famous party of the controversy: “He told me ‘if I were unfaithful to my wife with someone, I would be with you’. He was warming up from the first hour.”

In addition, she is disappointed with what until now she considered her friend: “He has been disloyal to two women. To his wife and to me. I was covering him up and he had no problem leaving me at the feet of the horses saying that I was the one who was looking for him.”

Carrillo believes that Jorge and his wife, Alice Pena, they have made “a strategy to try -through collaborators- to leave me as the culprit of the matter. They dedicated themselves to calling colleagues to speak ill of me to save their ass. “I do not get any profit from having lied for he, quite the opposite. I am being judged. I don’t benefit from this,” she said.

On the other hand, it has transpired that the marriage considering taking legal action against Alba and against martha lopez for all the minutes of television that they are talking about them.