The singer has resumed her work schedule after finishing her vacation in Ibiza, a few days of sun and beach surrounded by friends where there was also time for ‘dramas’. “My dog, Sopa, ran away from home. He went to the neighbor’s house and was killed by a rooster that he had but not a free-range one, as a pet. I apologize to the lady, I felt terrible.”

He wasn’t the only one. the father He finally managed to get his driving license and ‘new’ his car two days after obtaining the permit: “I decided to enter the parking lot of a shopping center. The parking lots are very narrow and suddenly they all started beeping at me, I scratched the car… The guard came to help me, everyone found out it was me, and I had to take photos with everyone… It was the moment of no return,” he said this Wednesday in The Anthill.

The singer, who has not said a word Sebastian Yatrahas also revealed some anecdotes from his last tour: “I got Montezuma disease. I’m not going to talk about diarrhea, but I got very sick.”, and the next day I flew to Miami, which of course there was a hurricane, as I tell you I am very lucky in life… But those things you say make me afraid to fly and there is a hurricane… I flew, the whole week was terrible …Did you see the guy who filled the plane with diarrhea? “It wasn’t me,” he said, laughing.

And till They mistaken her for Taylor Swift’s assistant: “I went to Mexico the same week she was going. I had a performance, I was doing rehearsals with heels like the ones I’m wearing now and of course I couldn’t dance. I had to go quickly through shopping centers to look for some sneakers, but I couldn’t find them silver ones so I said ‘I’m going to do a craft, I buy some white ones and I use the silver spray’. Very bad idea. What happened is that I was in a room where the windows don’t open and you can’t ventilate. We started doing that and It said on the bottle ‘Toxic, Beware’. As hypochondriac as I am… I’m going to die… We opened the door, we went out into the hallway… I was thinking about whether I was going to die or not, we had the slippers, “People were passing by, everything covered in silver on the floor, a disaster… And a girl passed by and said ‘Taylor Swift?’. I thought it was her assistant and that we were painting her sneakers.”