The actress is happy and shouts it from the rooftops. Six months after the birth of Anita in the United States and after visiting Joaquín and Carlos Sobera to explain how her life has changed in recent weeks, now Ana Obregón returns to the front page to talk about the future: “I know that when Anita is 13 years old she will thank me for having her brought to this planet, for having fought, for taking on the world and having done it alone.

She assures that Anita has given her smile and life back after losing her son, Aless, at the age of 27 to cancer: “Every day, for three years, I went to the cemetery, and now I go once a week . I have brought my son Anita’s first pacifier and bottle. Aless has a box with her dog Luna’s necklace and some Dragon Balls, her symbol to continue fighting.” And she reveals: “I haven’t gone with the girl yet. I will take her when she is two years old and I will show her where her father’s body is, because he is in heaven, and I will explain everything to her.”.

Aless is still very present in Ana’s life: “The mourning for your son does not pass, it is impossible, however, now I remember him in peace, because before I couldn’t. It’s difficult, because when I hug Anita he smells like his father. “She looks like him in the way she is. She has the same joy and desire to live. Everything excites her and she is very grateful,” she says. “I felt very alone. This house, the one we are in now, was falling on me. Every corner was Aless. For example, to date, I have spent Christmas in a hotel, because I couldn’t stand it. Anita told me “He saved my life.”

Ana, who took advantage of the interview to send a message to Irene Montero, adds: “My religion is love and my temple is the heart. It is beautiful and real to know that something exists, that it is light and energy, that organizes and connects us.” This is what heaven must be like. I have dreamed about my son a lot during this time and he tells me: ‘Mom, I’m fine, I’m alive, you know it because you feel me.’ And yes, it is true. And Anita notices it too.”