The FC Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernández, has assured that although Bayern Munich is “one of the worst rivals” they could face at this time and despite the fact that the Barça team has never won “never” in the Bavarian capital , “history is to break it” and they will try to qualify this Wednesday for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“We have one of the worst rivals we could have in front of us. Currently, they are one of the best teams in the world and they play in their field. It is an extreme difficulty, but we are excited and eager to compete, knowing that we depend on us. Yes. we will win tomorrow, we qualify. It is a final, we will give everything. History says that we have never won in Munich, but history is there to break it, “he declared at a press conference.

Despite all the factors to the contrary, they will fight to the end. “We will try, those who row to the end never believe in the word failure. We are positive. We depend on us to win the three points. We will go to win, to dominate, to attack, to create opportunities, knowing that we have a team ahead of us. very complicated rival, “he said. “Depending on how the game goes, we will see if it is a miracle or not. We will try to compete with our weapons, only victory is worth it. After the game we will talk about how we have competed. I do not see it as such a miracle, it is a game and Barça can win to anyone, “he added.

In addition, he assured that he sees his players “ready to compete.” “It is not the best scenario, it is one of the best teams in the world today. I hope that the last defeats against Bayern do not affect us psychologically and we go out with all the confidence in the world. I tell the players that the pressure is on me, Let them forget everything. Tomorrow we will go out to try to be protagonists, we want to dominate the game through the ball, but knowing that we have a very complicated opponent. We have a complicated ballot, “he said.

“We are working so that Barça is not inferior to any rival in Europe. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Reality tells us that we have to compete against a Bayern that in recent years has been better than Barça. There is another revalidation, in football is always revenge. We will try, we have no choice but to win the game, “he continued.

“The team is working to win the game tomorrow and go to the last 16. We have other competitions, but we cannot throw any competition, we are Barcelona. Tomorrow we have a very good opportunity to make history. Why not think about the first victory of the Barça in Munich? Reality will tell us where we are in LaLiga. We have prepared the game to win the three points tomorrow, “he said.

On the result of the other meeting between Benfica and Dinamo Kiev, which could also give them the pass, Xavi explained that it is “evident” that they also depend on what the Portuguese do. “In case of not winning, we depend on the result of Benfica. Benfica have to win to pass us in qualifying. I want to think that it is more important to depend on ourselves and think about our match,” he said.

In another vein, Xavi acknowledged that Jordi Alba “has a few minor annoyances” and that it is doubt. “The day of Betis ended with a slight discomfort, it will depend on his feelings. It is a final, he knows it, he is a player with a lot of commitment, he is motivated and wants to play,” he said.

Regarding the role of Frenchman Ousmane Dembélé, he affirmed that he is “a very important player” for the team. “He’s already 100% and he has helped us a lot in the games in which he had to enter the second half. He has to be motivated and I see him happy. Tomorrow he will have to be an important player, but not only him. We should play a perfect match to win in Munich, so we need Dembélé and all the other players, “he said.

He also praised the Polish Robert Lewandowski, who “if he is not the best, he is one of the best” players in the world. “The numbers are there. He has been marking the differences for many years. Not only goals, he does many things well; he plays first, he is fast into space, he reaches the area many times … He is ‘top’ in his position. We want a defense with a higher than a low block, because there it is definitive, “he ventured.

Finally, Xavi regretted that the duel has to be played behind closed doors due to the threat of an increase in coronavirus cases. “It is a pity that the public cannot be there; we play for the people, it will become a very cold game. I do not see any benefit for us. There will be less usual players who will want to show themselves to their coach. It will be a game Very complicated, high level, “he concluded.