Black storm clouds hover over tennis again. If optimism seemed to reign in recent days, with date changes that made the puzzle of major tournaments such as the Rome and Madrid Masters or the Roland Garros Grand Slam fit in, now the illusion is erased at a stroke with the latest statements of Micky Lawler, WTA president.

“What I know is that everything is being done to play again. Easy is not. As long as there is no vaccine, it will be very difficult to travel and play. If the US Open is played, there will be tournaments that will be played before. The next two weeks will define what will be done with this, “Lawler explained on the station. Network. Due to the particularities of tennis as a sport that we have discussed in recent weeks, it seems complicated that tournaments go ahead this year without a vaccine against COVID-19, a measure that former players such as Amelie Mauresmo have already targeted as the only hope that the great events of the racket will return.

Finally, Lawler also spoke about the much-mentioned possibility that the WTA and ATP join their governing bodies for the benefit of tennis and its players: “It is not the first time that there has been talk of a union between the WTA and the ATP. At this time, due to the coronavirus, it is time to take advantage of working together. Tennis is at its best when men and women are together, like in Grand Slam. The future of tennis has to be united and you have to find that connection that makes everything more feasible. It is not easy because there are players who do not want to and they have a lot to say. “So, will the women's circuit return in Charleston next June as recently stated? In the next two weeks we will have the answer …


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