To play a World Cup, Canada 2015, on artificial grass to play the last World Cup in France in large stadiums with natural grass and with VAR. The growth of world women's football is more than a reality. A boom that has also fully touched to the Spanish League. Close to being considered as professional, with the commitment that this be the case for all the political forces of Congress, the First Iberdrola has presented a big boost in many of its factors in recent years: professional contracts, more training facilities, qualified personnel and better fields.

In this last aspect it should be noted that there is still room for improvement, such as the absence of own fields, the poor condition of the facilities or the type of grass. Regarding green, there are five teams (Betis, Granadilla, Madrid CFF, Sporting de Huelva and Rayo) what are you playing like locals in fields of artificial grass. But it should be remembered that in the cases of Granadilla, Madrid CFF and Sporting, the three independent clubs of a male structure, this decision depends on the availability of municipal fields. Not so for Lightning and Betis. “I think for next season we will have a playing field with natural grass“the green and white coach advanced Pier AS.

The debate regarding the presence of grass, whether artificial or not, touches on aspects such as the physical risk of the players. “The style of play changes a lot with artificial grass. Not only because of the bounce of the ball, which is different, but because the players change the way they play. Have fear of burns waves breaks in turns. The physical intensity is not the same, “he points out Lucia Piñeiro, physical trainer of Deportivo.

“To most of the physical trainers we are concerned whoever plays in artificial grass, especially the first generation. In the First Iberdrola I wouldn't know how to assure you 100% what type of artificial grass are there. I know there is a hybrid and the others I think are first generation. The boot treads differently and especially if your body is used to play in natural grass can suffer the consequences“, highlights Piñeiro, who exposes the great differences for the game and physical intensity of the players, the change from using one type of grass to another.” The physical effects can range from increased risk of overload muscle and joint up to serious long-term injury. In the cases of artificial turf, the players with high temperatures also suffer greater physical wear. “The Galician woman points out that everything depends on type of artificial grass. The It is important that the lawn is cared for, whether artificial or natural. “ A reflection that highlights the importance of the playing field to improve the show. The professionalization goes through this kind of thing …

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