The former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialeshas arrived at the National Court, in Madrid, to testify for the non-consensual kiss of the player Jenni Hermoso. With his head held high and looking straight ahead, the manager arrived around 11:15 in the morning, 45 minutes before the time set by the judge.

Accompanied by his lawyer Olga TubauRubiales has entered the building without making statements to the media, who are at the doors of the Court.

The Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against him for an alleged crime of sexual assault for the non-consensual kiss of Jenni Hermoso. Also, another alleged crime of coercion weighs on him due to the pressure that the soccer player reported having suffered from the former president of the RFEF.

For his part, Luis Rubiales, who has maintained at all times that the kiss was consensual, will testify again around 12 in the morning his version of the events before the judge, Francisco de Jorge.