The gambling industry has been growing since the beginning of the new century. More web casinos have been founded, new games (both pokies online aus and table games) have been launched, and more and more people started to get interested in online gambling.

According to recent research, the global online gambling market size was valued at $57.54 billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow by 11,7% each year.

It is no wonder that filmmakers started to pay attention to this sector and make movies about gambling and gamblers. Interestingly, films about casinos have been growing with the growth of online casinos.

Our team of gambling experts has analysed why gambling movies are popular today and tried to figure out the logic behind the excitement that gambling provides.

Gambling Movies are Exciting

Everyone watching casino movies has ever dreamt of standing in the avid gambler’s place because it is always exciting: gambling movies tend to be high-stakes and full of suspense, which is why they’re so popular. Whether it’s the story of a casino heist or a card game that went wrong, there’s always something thrilling about watching people gamble or feeling yourself in their shoes.
Gambling movies do not show the lives of usual bookies, nor a mediocre player gambling from the comfort of home. These movies are about the world of the elite.

They are Sexy

Casinos and gambling are often associated with wealth and luxury, which makes them seem sexy and glamorous. It is especially true in movies set in Las Vegas, where the bright lights and flashy casinos add to the allure.

They Make Viewers Laugh

While gambling movies can be serious, they can also be funny. It is often because of the characters involved in gambling, who are often quirky and larger-than-life. Casino movies can often be tragic comedies and interesting to even more viewers.

They are Easy to Relate to

While not everyone has experienced the high-stakes world of professional gambling, most people have gambled at some point. It makes gambling movies relatable and enjoyable for many viewers.

Besides, the main characters in gambling movies are often regular people with ordinary habits, jobs, and lives. This is why it is much easier to relate to such characters as they are close to you.

They Tell the Underdog Story

Who does not like good underdog stories? We are talking about players who gamble everything they have on the last throw of dice or spin of the pokie machine. As a rule, they aim at winning some money, freedom, or respect and put everything on the line.

It is in our human nature to crave spectacle, and movies about casinos quench that thirst.

While watching such movies, we always question: “Will they win?” “Will they lose everything?” “How will this all end?”

They Help Us to Escape from Reality

The gambling world is unpredictable, either the casino movies. We do not know the ending, and this makes the process even more thrilling.

Whether we watch a film where a gambler plays roulette, poker, or even slots, it always makes us hope for the better. And we believe it might be us walking away with a life-changing sum.

Many of us have dreamt of hitting the jackpot, and gambling movies make us believe it may happen, helping us to escape from reality.

They are Inspiring

Although gambling is often associated with risky behaviour and addiction, there is no denying that it can be an exhilarating experience. For many people, the thrill of gambling comes from the possibility of winning big. This is what makes gambling movies so popular; they offer a window into a world where anything is possible, and fortunes can be won and lost in an instant. Scenes where successful gamblers win big prizes make us believe everything is possible.

While gambling movies may not always portray the reality of gambling, they do offer an exciting glimpse into its potential.