The Spanish men’s handball team presented this Tuesday ‘We are wolves, we are Hispanos’, its promotional spot for the 2022 European Championship, which will be held in Hungary and Slovakia from January 13 to 30, and which highlights “the strength of the group “to try to revalidate its continental gold.

According to the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM), the spot, shot in the studios of the production company Adisar Media in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid), has “a strong emotional and motivating character”, transmitting “a message of optimism to through the values ​​of sport and of ‘Hispanics’ as a team. “

To do this, they use the figure of the wolf “as a reference for attitude, strength and courage.” “The wolf is an animal that combines those virtues that make it unbeatable; its patience, strength and tenacity surpass those of human beings. Wolves teach us to live in the present, to shake ourselves, get up and continue even when we are hit by the adversity. The magic of wolves leaves no one indifferent. It removes something very old and deep within us, “says the RFEBM.

‘We are wolves, we are Hispanic’ is a narrative fusion between the animal and each of the players. “Each player, each coach, each official is at the service of common success, and that message permeates all who are part of the ‘Hispanics’, both from the most veterans, as well as the young talents who are joining the group” , indicates.

The spot has been directed by Luis Álvarez, with Miguel Roldán as director of photography. The company Fauna y Acción, an entity dedicated to the protection and conservation of nature, environmental disclosure, and provision of animals for scenic projects, both in documentary or commercial cinema, as well as for television and theater productions, contributed two wolves, protagonists in a multitude of film shoots, led by his trainer, Jonatan Casas.

The staging is based on the original idea of ​​recreating the natural and wild environment of the wolves, with the collaboration of the special effects company Nuymad, which customized a set of 10,000 square meters in a habitat in which smoke symbolizes the fog, and the snow, generated by two canyons, and the light, provoke a sensory experience.

The spot launches messages such as’ your perseverance and strategy make me invincible ‘or’ I make your virtues my own; the value of the group … its strength “, which have guided the ‘Hispanics’ in recent years.