Vanesa Romero and Santi Burgoa, romantic and Christmas walk in Brussels: “December with you”

after this summer will be close with William Levy in Marbellaas published Informalia, Vanessa Romero opened the door to love with Santi Burgoa. The actress and the journalist are no longer hiding and this weekend they are enjoying a few days off in Brussels.

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Although they do not appear together in the photos they have shared on Instagram, perhaps because they do not want to take that step yet, the lovebirds have tagged each other in said publications.

In the album that the ex of Alba Carrillo In his networks, in fact, he has chosen a romantic caption to dedicate to his girl: “December in Brussels with you,” he wrote next to a Christmas tree emoticon and a red heart. The woman from Alicante, for her part, wrote “in the best company”.

Romero and Burgoa met a few months ago in the vicinity of Telemadrid, where she works as a collaborator and he as a presenter. Vanesa, 44, broke up at the end of June with the music producer Emilio Esteban, who is not yet 30. So, he left the house in Boadilla del Monte where they both lived and which is owned by the famous actress of There is no one living here.

Santi, for his part, starred in a well-known romance with the ex of Feliciano Lopez y fonsi grandson. He and Alba broke up in September 2021 after two years together: “We have broken up several times this summer,” the model confessed. After learning about Burgoa’s romance with Vanesa, Lucia Pariente’s daughter assured that her ex continued to “warm up” her ear after breaking up. “I feel cheated,” she said..