More problems for Alejandra Rubio: Carlo Constanzia’s ex sits on a set to call her ‘stupid’

To the daughter of Terelu Campos his dwarfs have grown since he began his courtship with Carlo Costanzia. Three months have passed since that famous kiss that made the covers of the tabloid press and they are still in the eye of the hurricane. This time, for Jeimythe Italian’s ex, who sits this Friday on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona to add fuel to the fire before it goes out.

“I know Carlo, he is like that, he makes everything very beautiful, I recognize myself in Alejandra because I have also defended him like that and I have seen myself like that, tooth and nail. I think they are not in love, at least he is not “. This is how blunt the young woman is in the previews of her interview that the network showed this Thursday. Jeimy is not going to leave a puppet with a head and Alejandra Rubio has already responded to the first taunts: “Come on, if we are together it will be for a reason. Let’s see if a person is going to come and leave me because I don’t know how life is going or such, I’ll tell you no. “I am an aunt with a lot of personality, I have things very clear and I am not stupid.”.

Angry, she launched the first darts against Jeimy: “I don’t agree with sitting on a set and hurting people, it doesn’t fit my personality nor am I like that. I’m not going to go to war with any woman, it doesn’t fit me.” , has said. “I’m not going to say anything, I’m not going to get into a war with this person who doesn’t interest me at all, I’m here doing my job, my life, my things and it’s over, I don’t want to have anything to do with this person.”

Jeimy’s reappearance occurs a week after Mar Flores’ son, whom Alejandra herself accompanied last Friday to Telecinco and whom she kissed for the first time in front of the cameras, had a great crack telling his version of the breakup with the woman he left for Rubio: “He kicks me out of the house, from a house for which I had a contract, I’m leaving because I don’t want an argument. He kicks me out of the house, he leaves me without my belongings, he takes away the telematic bracelet that “It’s something that has been very difficult for me to have… It’s frustrating to say the least and I find it surprising that on top of that he turns out to be bad and a womanizer.”