Carlos Sobera ‘signs’ his stepdaughter as a waitress at the new ‘First Dates Hotel’

With love always as the main ingredient, the program First Dates begins a new stage, the recording of a hotel version that we will enjoy this summer and that has taken the diners of its restaurant to the coast of Moraira (Alicante) so that Cupid can continue doing his thing. And in this reinvention of the format, full of new features, there is a love that viewers will perceive above all: that which exists between the presenter, Carlos Soberaand one of the new waitresses, her stepdaughter Arianna Aragón. Because, although they are not biological father and daughter – she is the result of Patricia Santamarina’s first marriage with Rody Aragón -, they both adore each other, form a wonderful family and also share the same passion for the profession.

“She is 25 years old and I met her when she was 5, because Patri and I have been together for twenty years. I feel her like a daughter, I have always treated her like a daughter and she sees me as a second father,” Sobera said about Ari , while remarking: “We all know who the biological father is and no one disputes it, but our affective and emotional relationship is that of a father and daughter. And my responsibility is that of a father. She is the sister of my biological daughter, we are a family and that’s how we feel, without discussing anyone’s paternity at all,” he said. In fact, the relationship between the two is so good that Ari, who has studied Law and Dramatic Arts, made his television debut in April 2021 alongside Sobera in The right price of Telecinco, working as a hostess, to later work in her stepfather’s theater production company and debut as an actress on stage in October 2023, playing Portia in the play Glorious Soldier, where Ari shared the stage with Sobera himself, as well as with Elisa Matilla, Ángel Pardo, Elena Ballesteros, Juanjo Cucalón and David Tortosa. “I feel very proud of her. She is disciplined, observant and very hard-working. Not only well-disposed, but also daring,” highlighted the presenter of First Dates about his stepdaughter on occasion.

Now, together, they will be in the special summer of First Dates Hotelwhich will also have other news: the return of Lidia Torrent as governess, the incorporation of Adrian Pedraja as a bartender, Rocío de Porres (Rolita) as a waitress with Ari, now Sergio Lopez, DJ Keko, in double duty as waiter and DJ. There, in an idyllic setting, couples will search for love while the program witnesses the diners’ pre-dinner preparation, initial expectations, the development of their first date and their subsequent encounters, since at the hotel they will be able to use the spa, the area chill out or the cocktail area to get to know each other better, something that you can also do outside the hotel on boat routes, excursions or walks on the beach.