UEFA sanctions Savic and Simeone! Atlético de Madrid singled out

Few more negative things can happen to
Atlético de Madrid
in the current season. Lesions, countless positives per Covid, surreal sanctions such as Trippier… But it is clear that in the end, there is always one more option to give a twist to the situation of the mattresses.

As MD has learned, the present has also come in the form of very harsh punishment by the UEFA in order to Stefan savic, mattress player, for his expulsion in the second leg of the

Champions League

before him


The Montenegrin will have to serve a suspension of four competition matches UEFA as punishment for his expulsion against him Chelsea when considering the referee of the party and the organism of European football that it was “for violent conduct”. When the reality is that the play was a fairly soft throw, with a little nudge.

The sanction of Atlético de Madrid by UEFA.
The sanction of Atlético de Madrid by UEFA.

Savic received a direct red card after a play involving Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea in the second leg of the knockout round of the Champions League on Stamford Bridge March 17. But the matter did not end there, because the collegiate recorded in the minutes that there was “abusive language” towards him in the protests that occurred over his decision.

As a result, for the breach of article 15 (1e) and 15 (1b), the discipline committee has decided to sanction the player with four suspension matches.


Besides, the UEFA He pointed out charges for infraction of article 15 (4), “inappropriate team conduct” (when five or more players commit it), which carries a fine of 14,000 euros. But not only, UEFA He also fined Atlético for delay in appearing on the field to serve (it happened after the break), with another fine of 10,000 euros.

By the way, that the violation of this precept, which is 11 (2h) is also personified in the figure of the coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, which has been personally fined 24,000 euros that must be paid within 90 days of the communication of this sanction. At the same time, the coach is warned not to repeat this type of behavior, which could lead to harsher penalties in the future.