The world of music dressed in mourning this Wednesday, May 25, upon hearing the sad news of the death of Tina Turner at 83 years old. The queen of rock and roll died “of natural causes”, as her representative revealed this Friday to Daily Mail.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tina Turner. With her music and boundless passion for life, she captivated millions of fans around the world and inspired the stars of tomorrow. Today we say goodbye to a dear friend who leaves us all his greatest work: his music. All our most sincere compassion is with his family. Tina, we will miss you very much.”, was the message with which the singer’s death was reported on his social networks.

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Previously, the artist suffered from intestinal cancer and kidney failure, for which she had been transplanted from a kidney, donated by her current husband, Erwin Bachin 2017. Two months before dying, the interpreter of Proud Mary He confessed on his Instagram account his regret for not having taken better care of his kidneys and putting his life in “serious danger” by not accepting the diagnosis at first.

“Today is International Kidney Day. Why is it important? Because the kidneys fail painlessly. And that’s why I tell you: Show your kidneys love! They deserve it. My kidneys are victims of not realizing it that my high blood pressure should have been treated with conventional medicine. I put myself in grave danger by refusing to face the reality that I need daily therapy and medication for life. For too long I believed that my body was an untouchable and indestructible bastion,” Tina wailed.

In the last interview he gave to The Guardian in April, Turner said how she would like to be remembered: “As the queen of rock and roll. As a woman who showed other women that it’s okay to strive for success on your own terms.” Her funeral will be private, only for close relatives and closest friends, according to her spokeswoman.