Tiger Woods collaborates with Nadal on his new sneakers

The friendship between Tiger Woods, a great admirer of Rafa Nadal, and the Balearic tennis player, who has already shown his sympathy for Tiger and who plays golf frequently when he takes a hole in his busy schedule, has also reached the level of sports fashion.

Tiger and Nadal have collaborated in the development of the new Nike Rafa x Tiger Vapor Cage 4 shoe, with which Nadal has recently played the 1000 Masters in Rome.

In fact, before his debut in Rome against Pablo Carreño Nadal, he shared a photo of the shoes on Instagram with this message: “Good morning! Today is the day I compete again after the last point in Acapulco six months ago !!! I am going to play in these special shoes. It is a special edition of Nike that Tiger Woods and I made !!! “ Nadal revealed.

The shoes are black and the presence of the Nadal's signature logo on the tongue of his right shoe, while the Tiger logo appears on the tongue of the left shoe. After not shining with them in Rome, Nadal hopes that these shoes will lead him to success at Roland Garros, where he will seek his thirteenth title on the clay of Paris.