Three positives from West Ham just before a game … and it's played!

A round of 32 of the EFL Cup is being played tonight at the London Stadium, in unlikely conditions. Shortly before the start of the meeting, West Ham learned the results of some tests that had been carried out previously. Footballers and coaching staff were already in the stadium, therefore, when met the positives of coach David Moyes and footballers Issa Diop and Josh Cullen. Those infected quickly left the facilities to begin their quarantine.

The rest of the team did not leave and continued preparing for the game as normal., without even delaying the celebration of the meeting. Footballers who have contracted the virus, to top it all, they were part of the starting eleven advanced by David Moyes. Under these circumstances, the decision to go ahead is surprising, bearing in mind that contact between patients and their companions may have been close enough that more infections have occurred.

West Ham Shield / Flag

Of course, West Ham squad will undergo further tests to verify that they do not have the disease. But before they have had to dispute the meeting, with evident risk of aggravating the situation in case of more infections. The Carabao Cup has already aroused controversy in England for the tests. He Tottenham, to avoid greater evils, he financed tests to his rival, the Leyton Orient, which presented several positives. The meeting has been postponed, thanks to the fact that the club trained by Mourinho had such a gesture with his rival.