Three candidates for UEFA Player of the year announced

De Bruyne (City), Lewandowski (Bayern) and Neuer (Bayern) are the candidates for UEFA's best player, as announced by the European body. Bayern's success in the Champions League makes Lewandowski the clear favorite to win the award. The award will be presented on October 1 during the celebration of the Champions League draw. For the first time in the last decade, neither Cristiano nor Messi are among the finalists. Messi finished 4th in the standings and Cristiano, 10th.

Lewandowski was the top scorer in the Champions League, in addition to the Bundesliga, and was decisive for Bayern to end the season with a hat-trick. The Pole has been harmed by the absence of the Ballon d'Or, as he was the strongest candidate. Still, UEFA is going ahead with its individual awards and Lewi can take it away. The Best, which will also have the Pole as the main protagonist, has not been suspended either. Neuer enters by surprise among the candidates and UEFA also rewards De Bruyne for his good campaign, despite a surprise loss to Lyon in the Champions League quarterfinals.

UEFA also made official the names of the three coaches who aspire to be the best of the season. It's about three Germans: Flick, Klopp and Nagelsmann. The Bayern coach, who took over as Kovac's replacement mid-season, is presented as the top seed to win the award.