With Inter celebrating the Scudetto ended an era of Juventus tyranny in Series A which has lasted nine years. And it is that there are new times in Europe. When all the great championships are coming at his end, only a champion of the five major leagues last season can boast of being at the top of the ranking of your country, the Bayern.

Atlético, Lille, City and Inter (already consummate champion) are causing a revolution in Europe that can be historic. It is not easy to dfumble from their thrones to a Liverpool that last year swept the Premier, at Madrid of Zidane and the almighty PSG, which seemed untouchable in France. It is true that both Atlético and Lille can end up defeated (City have the Premier in their pocket), but no one will deny that they have made more than enough merits to be able to end up singing the alirón.

Table of the five major leagues.

Table of the five major leagues.

On the contrary, in Germany, there is no one who dares to snatch the crown from Bayern. Leipzig have been close several times this season, but the Bavarian steamroller has won. Just a historical disaster in the last three days could prevent the German giant from becoming champion for the ninth year in a row.

Minor leagues: half revolution

But beware, the revolution has not only originated in the big leagues. Sporting is very close to unseating Porto in Portugal (they need six points from twelve remaining to win the title), Besiktas are just a few steps away from taking over from Basaksehir and in Scotland, for example, the Rangers has been proclaimed again champion of the hand of Steven Gerrard for the first time since his descent into hell in Scottish football.

Yes, Ajax is still intractable in the Eredivisie (champion for the third consecutive year), the Zenit in Russia, who won his second title in a row this past weekend, and the Bruges in Belgium, which also caresses the championship again.

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