Cristian Alvarez (General Lagos, Argentina, 1985) has standing in all the ways and colors in the Real Zaragoza, but in Lugo he went much further in his full record of services to the head the goal of the tie in a very long discount, a goal that has raised him to the altars of Zaragoza -San Cristian makes a miracle in the Anxo Carro'-, and that has given the around half the world. “I think that until time passes, I will not be able to understand what this goal means,” he says simply, and almost hurried by his prominence, the Argentine goalkeeper, the second in all history to score a goal with the lion's shield shirt, after the Paraguayan José Luis Chilavert in 1990.


The goal of Cristian Alvarez is the final comeback in the performance of the goalkeeper who has perhaps been most negatively affected by the matches behind closed doors in Second Division. After two superlative seasons at Real Zaragoza, despite coming from an inactive year, since the appearance of COVID-19 he has alternate magnificent stops with major failures, especially in the first two-thirds of this season, with two own goals and half a dozen very miserable days. But a month and a half ago who returned by his jurisdiction and his benefits have been rising until it is also decisive in the opposite area.

Real Zaragoza Shield / Flag

Sober, with great reflections under sticks and excellent in hand to hand, does not risk in their exits, despite his height (1.87), and that makes him especially vulnerable in corner kicks, but on the balance of virtues and defects, the former weigh considerably more than the latter. And after his providential goal to Lugo has entered the best story of the goalkeepers of Real Zaragoza.

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