• You may expose our dog to varied well being issues
  • If the trigger is not resolved it may turn out to be a customized
Dog. Picture: Pexels

The canine coprophagia It is the conduct that some canines undertake by which they eat their very own feces or these of others. This motion can expose our pets to varied well being issues by encouraging the looks of micro organism or parasites within the intestines. After all, though this behavior is fairly disagreeable, there are some causes why they do it.

Though the ingestion of feces is widespread in each canines and different species of animals, it often creates rejection within the proprietor when observing this conduct. However alternatively, it must be stated that if the trigger is not solved correctly and in a well timed method, it may turn out to be a routine behavior within the dog.

Nonetheless, the coprophagy or ingestion of feces is a conduct that in nature has its significance since many animals resort to it if they’ve dietary deficiencies or different issues.

Dietary deficiencies

Dietary deficiencies are often the most typical reason that causes a dog to eat its feces and is immediately associated to the kind of meals we provide. If we evaluation the composition of the feed of our dog and observe a excessive share of cereals, maybe this is the trigger that is inflicting this conduct.

Dog. Picture: Pexels

Monotonous food plan

One other reason that is thought of, and never meaningless, is that if a dog all the time eats the identical meals all through his life, he might wish to expertise new flavors when he has the chance.

Boredom or loneliness

Boredom and loneliness are a number of the important causes why a dog eats its personal poop. Canines are animals that want and rely a lot on human consideration, so in case you keep alone for a lengthy time period you could play with your feces and even eat them.

Your bitch simply had puppies

If your dog has simply had puppies and eats her poop, she most likely does it to maintain the farrow clear.


Stress or anxiousness are one other trigger for which a dog may eat its feces. The stress of a new dwelling, going out as soon as a day, are a number of the causes why you will have anxiousness.

Out of curiosity

Puppies can discover and eat a stool from one other pet or theirs. They’ll discover in them an appetizing odor and for that reason they eat them. For those who do it fairly often it’s best to examine the composition of your meals and even go to the veterinarian.

Dog. Picture: Pexels

The right way to keep away from consuming your personal stool

After having listed a number of the most typical causes why your dog could also be consuming his feces, it’s best to make sure that your dog feeds on the very best feed and that he receives all of the proteins, minerals and nutritional vitamins he wants in his daily.

You must be diligent in cleansing after a dog poops and shouldn’t be given the chance to smell, a lot much less to eat feces. That is why once you take it for a stroll, attempt to take your dog on a leash to keep away from such conditions.

One other answer is for your dog to eat pineapple chunks; On this method the vitamins of this fruit modify the style and odor of the dog's feces and prevents them from consuming them.


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