The League advances through the calendar until the return from soccer, on June 12 if the wish of Javier Tebas is fulfilled. The coronavirus left the classification as a subway car at rush hour, with Barça overtaking Madrid again (58-56). With 11 days to play, Zidane has two examples of what to do and what not to do to play metal.

This will be the third French mini-league. The first, of 20 games in 2015-16, he faced it with a somewhat shaky team, recently fired Benítez, and added 53 points out of 60, 88.33%. They were 4 more than Barcelona, ​​which however saved the accumulated income and took the title by the minimum. While climbing the steps to the Eleventh, won on May 28 in Milan against Atlético, that Madrid registered 17 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, with 63 goals for and 16 against.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

The second and more immediate preceding is much worse. To a Barça galaxy, Zidane returned to the white bench on March 11, 2019 and went from stumble to stumble until the last day. In 11 games, the same ones that remain now to be played, he celebrated only 5 wins, had to settle for 4 draws and regretted two losses. His goal balance reflects Zizou's inability to resurrect a group with the autopsy done when Solari was dismissed: 16 marked and 14 embedded. The table, valuing only that stretch garter belt, did not deceive: Madrid would have been eighth, without even access to the Europa League.


2015-16twenty172one63 (3.15)16 (0.8)53 (83.33%)1st
2018-19eleven54216 (1.45)14 (1.27)17 (51.51%)8th


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