For the second Sunday in a row, Javier Tebas reviewed in #Vamos 'The Great Game of Movistar', the de-escalation in football. After declaring last week that “The idea is to play every day of the week”, he confirmed in his idea: “Yes, I hope it can be played every day and also on Mondays. We should not have problems in the eleven days that we have left to play the Monday, because the reason for the spectators we are not going to have, since the matches are going to be behind closed doors. I appeal to the sensitivity of the Federation Because for LaLiga it is very important that all of our national and international operators and all Spanish soccer fans around the world can give them the maximum number of days and soccer games. “

On the progress of training, Thebes stated that “it is very important to see how each Autonomous Community is going through the phase. Because the players coexist with other people. We are concerned about contagions, but it is almost impossible for them to occur in training. “

Thebes, when asked by Juanma Castaño, congratulated himself on the return of soccer in Germany, and assured that “we have had a soccer weekend. I have congratulated the Bundesliga on the effort they have made. We have worked with them on the protocol... I am very proud and is an example to follow. What we have seen in Germany is what we will see in Spain. “

The president of LaLiga also congratulated himself on the return of Fali to training: “It is not a victory for Fali. You have to understand the player. Human beings are not all the same. What of Fali in any case is a victory for all You have to respect each one. But I am very happy that Fali has decided to return. “


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