The Basque brand SKFK debuted this Tuesday within the MBFW Madrid calendar in its ‘Parade in the city’ program to present its next SS24 collection. Kimua, which in Basque means bud, birth and beginning, has been inspired by the balance between life and nature; in how we learn from our environment to be resilient and patient.

Design, creativity and sustainability are the main axes of the brand, which are transferred to the collection and also to the catwalk. The spring-summer 2024 ‘Kimua’ collection includes all these characteristics, and brings oriental inspiration, geometry and the reinterpretation of nature to its garments.

In this show, the sustainable fashion brand SKFK wanted to pause the frenetic pace of the city and make us reflect on the importance of appreciating the time it takes for things to start and flourish. In a world obsessed with immediacy, this collection reminds us that fashion should be a thoughtful and patient process.

A tribute to its history and identity

SKFK was born in the Basque Country in the late 90s and has held onto its roots, culture and identity ever since. The history of the brand and its philosophy are reflected in each garment and reaffirm the connection with its origin. The ‘Kimua’ collection pays tribute to some of the inspirational elements that were born with the brand. Nature and oriental inspiration are the central axis of the collection. All these elements intermingle with each other to create a unique collection that highlights the slow fashion within an industry in which immediacy predominates.

‘Kimua’ is made up of various denim lines, prints florals and pieces black and white. In them we find loose two-piece suits, shorts and skirts, urban-inspired kimonos and dresses oversize.

The essence of the collection is a reminder that inspiration lies in our environment. From the bright colors of flowers to the organic textures of leaves, each garment is an ode to the beauty of nature. The collection captures the essence of bud and growth, evoking the feeling of a fashion renaissance.

Sustainability in garments

For the final touch, the brand paraded with models Zero Waste and activist messages that highlight SKFK’s philosophy and way of understanding fashion. With the Zero Waste dresses, they create a common point for sustainability and design, a clear meeting of two of the most important pillars of the brand.

The expressions slow fashion, buy less, buy better o take time They filled the dresses that closed the show and demonstrate the brand’s activism for a responsible fashion industry. “Everything in life has to have a purpose. SKFK has a purpose: to show the fashion industry that change is possible, that our negative impacts can be reversed and that art, design and innovation can be at the forefront of regenerative fashion,” said Maia Eder Curutchet, creative director of SKFK.

Sustainable commitment: more than words

SKFK is an example of how fashion can become a vehicle for positive change. For this parade, they have had partners such as FSC or Lenzing, which have been accompanying SKFK for years in its commitment to sustainability and traceability within the entire supply chain. A joint work that highlights the importance of the synergies of companies with common values ​​to be agents of change.

Low impact fibers that make a difference

The brand works with 100% sustainable fibers in its collections, such as responsibly produced cellulosics TENCEL and LENZING ECOVERO. Forest-based lyocell, modal and viscose come from FSC-certified suppliers, are traceable and never come from ancient or endangered forests. This is part of our commitment against deforestation.

SKFK, in order to advance its commitment to the protection of forests and guarantee the sustainable origin of the FSC certified cellulosic fibers used, has reached an agreement with the Forest Stewardship Council to obtain FSC Chain of Custody Certification in the near future, by joining the ‘Fashion Forever Green Pact’ for sustainable fashion.

In addition, SKFK is the first and only fashion brand in Spain to obtain the Fairtrade® certificate and also obtained the GOTS certification. GOTS and Fairtrade® certifications are a declaration of intent. These garments restore soil fertility and provide fair living conditions for cotton farmers. A movement towards resilient ecosystems and communities.