The first week of the contest has not yet been completed and discussions are already taking place in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. Jessica Bueno (33) y Luitingo (32) have been involved in one of the first fights of this edition of Big Brother VIP 8. The reason: some statements by the singer, where he assured that many people are with others for economic interest.

Although the interpreter of It was my fault He did not point out anyone, the Sevillian model took it for granted. “You continue with your monologue that money is everything. You have said absurdities and you are generalizing,” said Jessica, since in the past she was judged for having a romantic relationship with Kiko Riverafather of his son Francisquito, or Jota Peleteiro (with whom he has Jota Jr. and Alejandro) for economic interest.

Miss Sevilla in 2010, who currently has a relationship outside the house with Pablo Marquiscontinued with his argument and assured: “Just because you are with a person who has more than you does not mean that you are with him for that reason. I am not like that. I am not in that boat.”

After Jessica’s accusations, Luitingo stated that she was generalizing and that those words were not meant for her. “You’re taking it personally, I don’t know why you get upset. You can’t get like that with me,” the artist explained.

The discussion, which stirred up the model’s past, caused Kiko Rivera’s ex-girlfriend to go to bed full of tears. “I have never taken advantage of anyone. In my day, I have contributed the same as the other person. I have always kept quiet, I have never defended myself,” she acknowledged.

His partner, in order to calm the situation, advised him: “You have to go to the psychologist to get that out of there.” She thanked him for the advice and they both settled the argument with a hug of reconciliation.