Year of changes for Gisele Bündchen. The Brazilian super model, who became single in 2023 after ending her marriage to Tom Brady, has acquired a new property in Florida. A mega horse ranch next to the Indian Creek mansion (Miami), where she lived with her husband, the American football star.

Gisele, in an interview with People, talks about her new horse ranch, where her daughter Vivian can care for and practice like an Amazon. The mansion, with a soccer field, is in Borward County, in the South Miami metropolitan area, based in Fort Lauderdale. The house, with a minimalist style and large open spaces, has almost 500 square meters and has nine bedrooms and four bathrooms. He paid 9.1 million dollars (8.5 million euros) for it, as has been published.

The Victoria’s Secret top expands her real estate portfolio with the new acquisition, since she also owns another property in the super exclusive Indian Creek, in Miami Beach, which she acquired for 11.5 million dollars (10.7 million euros) shortly before to make public the marital breakdown, according to Page Six.

One of the financial agreements of the divorce, in October 2022, was that Brady kept the $17 million Miami property, while Gisele was awarded the family home in Costa Rica, the model’s vacation home with her children Ben and They lived.