“The referee conceded the goal and stole two million euros from us”

Haaland was once again a hero in Dortmund and qualified Terzic's men for the Pokal quarter-finals. However, there was also a villain in the meeting, the referee. At least, in the eyes of the rival coach of the borusser. Everything has a context. The game was tied (2-2), headed for extra time, quite an achievement for a second like Paderborn against one of the almighty Germany. Nevertheless, At the last gasp, the Norwegian striker scored the winning goal and made the final 3-2 in the 95th minute. He started from an illegal position, but the referee, and the VAR, considered that the ball had touched a defender, thus validating the goal and, therefore, the round pass.

Steffen Baumgart, Paderborn coach, spoke about it after the match and was very upset by what happened. “The referee decided to concede the winning goal. I had the impression that the ball had been touched by one of our players, but He didn't even deign to go see the images. I didn't seem to see any deviation, but could have confirmed it“, started.

Decision with millionaire consequences

However, his anger went further, since an economic contribution such as going to the Pokal quarters is a great relief to the coffers of a more modest club like Paderborn. “Making a decision like this, in a knockout match, without seeing images, seems at least unwise to me. It bothered me, because it was disrespectful to us. We were there, standing in the cold for seven minutes and it stole 2 million euros from us (award given by the German federation for reaching the next round). We are not a state company, we have to fight for every penny “, he concluded in the flash interview.