The Patriots are moving closer to the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, while the Jets are entering the top 10 for the first time.

The New England Patriots are experiencing their worst season ever a long time, but on the bright side, they are inching closer to receiving the first overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2024 despite the fact that they are having their worst year in a long time.

At Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, the Patriots were defeated by the Las Vegas Raiders by a score of 21-17, marking the team’s third consecutive loss.

This loss in Week 6 brings New England’s record to 1-5, which hasn’t been seen since 1995. The remaining teams in their bracket have a victory percentage of.565.

The Carolina Panthers is the only team in the league without a win, and their record of 0-6 puts them in prime position to receive the first overall pick in the draft the following season.

The Patriots have another game after that one, and it’s against the Dolphins, who are currently in first place.

At Gillette Stadium during Week 2, the Dolphins prevailed over the Patriots by a score of 24-17.

However, as a result of the transaction that took place in April of last year between the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears, the Panthers were able to move up in the draft order and choose Alabama quarterback Bryce Young as the first overall pick.

Since there are five teams, including the Patriots, that just have one win each, there is a lot of competition in the top five draft picks.

The Pats and the Giants, among the six teams that currently have either zero wins or one win, have the same remaining schedule that is the most difficult.

The Patriots are going to face a slate of opponents that is even more challenging. The next game for the Patriots will be at home against the Buffalo Bills, whom have won five consecutive games against the Patriots.

When viewed from the opposite side of the rankings, there is no issue. The losing teams are inexcusable in every way.

It is possible that their prospects of qualifying for the postseason have been eliminated, but throughout the course of the following two months, players will be responsible for another endeavor.

The top picks in the 2024 draft are projected to come from Caleb Williams (USC) or Drake Maye (North Carolina), both of whom have the potential to become franchise quarterbacks.

What a tragedy for Williams! Create some blunders for Drake. Because these players have the potential to be worth tens of millions of dollars in the course of the next five years, bad clubs have every incentive to hope that they will reach their lowest point of the season and land any of those top two picks.

Even if one of these clubs already has a quarterback, they may still trade a selection in the top two in the draft for multiple first-round picks.

The value of acquiring a franchise quarterback remains self-evident; nevertheless, the value of acquiring a quarterback is negotiable. The year 2023 is sure to go down in history as one of the worst years ever.

As we head into Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season, we take a look at the first-round order in the 2024 NFL Draft as well as the top five needs for each team.

The order is decided according to the records, with the difficulty of the remaining schedule serving as the primary tiebreaker.

Keep on mind that the clubs whose names are marked with the abbreviation “PL” in the following sequence are those that would advance to the postseason if the season concluded today.

The playoff games are used to decide the order in which the playoff clubs will pick in the draft.

Although he was sidelined with an injured shoulder and did not play in the team’s game against Houston, rookie Michael Wilson has been effective when he has been healthy.

Rondale Moore did get some playing time versus the Texans, but his performance week to week is still far too erratic.

If he does not create more plays like the touchdown he scored on the opening drive on Sunday (which was his sole reception of the day), he will have to compete against more rookies in 2024 for playing time.

While everything is going on, Hollywood Brown, the Cardinals’ top receiver and a free agent at the end of the season.