Fernando Alonso: “We receive sanctions for anything we do”


The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso expressed his opinion this Saturday – early in the morning in Spain – that his team receives sanctions from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) “for anything”, alluding to the rejection of this entity to the appeal presented by Aston Martin regarding his penalty in the last Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.

“We haven’t done any long runs in FP1,” declared Alonso from the mixed zone of the Miami Grand Prix. “The Sprint race doesn’t mean anything, especially because we can’t fight or anything like that. We get penalties for anything we do. So tomorrow will be a fun day… but not for us, not very interesting,” he said.

“It was certainly difficult to read the grip on the track and changing the tire compound from medium to soft at the end was difficult, but the same for everyone. I think we got both cars into SQ3, which was the goal, and we’ll see tomorrow,” the Asturian driver told Sky Sports.

He then repeated it for television at the F1 World Cup itself. “It has been a good day, both cars in SQ3, I think that was the objective. It has been as always difficult to understand the mediums, the soft ones, etc. You only have one attempt, so good, we will see tomorrow what we can do and what we can learn for the race,” he said.

“The Sprint is useless, there are very few points at stake. They also don’t let us compete because they penalize us, so it will be a boring day from the outside because we will be in a train of cars. But we will get useful information for the race,” he insisted. Alonso finally with his protest.