Ángel Cristo’s girlfriend admits that she feels a “special affection” for Finito de Córdoba

Informalia already announced it: the connection between Ana Herminia and Arantxa del Sol’s husband goes back a long way. They met a quarter of a century ago and had a very special friendship that she herself acknowledged this Friday: “I can’t say there was a relationship because I lived in Venezuela and he lived in Spain. We were friends. Was there a special affection? Yes, there was.”. A bond that, despite the distance and the years, they still maintain: “I haven’t seen him in three years. We spoke on the phone, I’m not going to deny it, and I love him a lot and my daughter adores Juan.”

They have met again thanks to Survivors. In fact, Ana revealed a few weeks ago that before heading to Honduras, they spoke with Finito and he asked Bárbara Rey’s son to take care of his wife on the island. That is why Arantxa and Ángel supported each other in the first weeks of the contest. So much so that when Ángel decided to declare war on all the contestants, his only support on the island was Arantxa. But from one day to the next he began to not even want to speak to her.

This Friday, Ana Herminia has explained what is the origin of the distance between the son of Angel Christ y Aranxa del Sol: “Kike Calleja grabbed me and told me ‘When are you going to talk about yours with Finito? About what they had’. They told Ángel that I was with Juan eight months ago and they told Arantxa. They said that We had had a relationship and there was evidence of the hotel and everything,” he said. “They made Ángel look like the fool and that he had forgiven me because we were starting the relationship.”

Thus, Ana Herminia reveals: “What I want is for Arantxa to come to Spain and talk to her husband and he explains to her everything that has happened. Because they have told them that I had a Friday signed to talk about it, but Ángel already told them that that was more than 25 years ago.

The Venezuelan’s wishes will be fulfilled very soon: the former presenter has been the last expelled from Survivors and this Monday she will return to Spain. We will see if, with all the information on the table, he still thinks the same about Ángel Cristo: “For me it has been a great disappointment. I considered him my friend. We were supportive the first weeks, especially because we had everyone in “Everyone has told me things and I am tremendously disappointed.” He assured that she had been the victim of a “crashed phone” but the miss did not want to listen to him: “I’m not going to get into this, I don’t want to and that’s it. There are many things that the camera doesn’t capture either and there are many things that won’t come out.” .