Luis Suárez left Barcelona this summer after six seasons at the club with a bitter farewell, both for the forms and for the last game he played with the Barça shirt. And is that the Uruguayan left the Barcelona entity after losing 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern Munich in Lisbon. The Bavarians were a true cyclone that overwhelmed Barcelona and thrashed them in a resounding way. That defeat was a turning point in the entity, who decided that it was necessary to give a twist to the squad and get rid of several players, among them Suárez.

After leaving the azulgrana club, the Uruguayan arrived at Atlético to work under Simeone's orders and continue competing at the highest level. Curiosities of destiny, in this edition of the Champions League the rojiblancos were framed in the same group as Bayern Munich and, in addition, would debut playing against the Bavarians at the Allianz Arena. It was the perfect opportunity for Luis Suárez to remove the bad taste in his mouth from his last game in the highest continental competition.

However, the Uruguayan's losing streak against Bayern continues, as not only has he failed to win, but has received another win, although this time much less painful (4-0) than the previous. So, the balance of Luis Suárez's last two games in the Champions League, both played against the same rival, is 12 goals against and only two in favor, something that a player who is characterized by being a natural competitor and having participated in many wins, the vast majority being in his favor, is not used to.


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