Bad news for Real Madrid

Real Madrid skated against Shakhtar. In the worst defeat in recent history and in what was supposed to be the easiest game of his journey through this edition of the Champions League. Zinedine Zidane's team had a ridiculous first half and lost in Valdebebas. The biggest surprise of the first day of the Champions League without any doubt. Regardless of the image given before the Classic, and more so after the defeat against Cádiz, Real Madrid's misstep is a bad omen in their fight to seek the fourteenth Champions in the final of 2021.

Since the appearance of the Champions League in the 1992-93 season, no team has won the trophy after losing in the debut match. Bad news for the Madrid champion, that before starting the competition he was no longer among the favorites for the title but the 13th Champions League champion could never be ruled out. In the entire history of the European Cup, only two teams have emerged as champions after suffering defeat in their first match. They were Milan, in 1969, who lost to Malmö (2-1) on their debut, and Real Madrid, in 1966, who lost to Feyenoord (2-1) before adding their sixth title. A fact that no team has been able to reverse in more than 50 years.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

If Zidane, the champion of the three Champions League, wants to be the winner of this edition, he will have to face his bad start … and history. If not, the fourteenth will have to wait and we will see if the halo of Zidane with the Champions fades.

Bad omen also for Atlético

The rojiblanco team was forcefully swept at the Allianz Arena by Bayern Munich. A defeat, which, like Real Madrid, puts the Champions League very uphill. The German teams have not been doing very well lately.. Simeone already suffered his most painful defeat, precisely against German Borussia Dortmund, in October 2018.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Si Atlético de Madrid wants to add its first 'Orejona', will have to stand up to history. In the other three times that the mattress team has touched the cup with their fingers, their first game was never a defeat. In 1973-1974, it began by drawing against Galatasaray (0-0). Meanwhile, on the other two occasions it was released with victory. Against Zenit, 3-1, in 2013-2014, and again against Galatasaray (0-2) in the 2015-2016 campaign.

Therefore, Madridistas and rojiblancos have to grit their teeth and bend history. Who said that winning the Champions League was easy?