The results of the forensic‘ commissioned by the board of directors from FC Barcelona a few months ago could be made public coinciding with the FIFA break at the end of January. Next week there will be no LaLiga matches and, with the team out of the Copa del Rey, it will be a ‘clean’ week for the first team, so it may be the week chosen to call a press conference and give details of what has been found in the ‘forensic’, but sources from the club have assured Mundo Deportivo that, despite the fact that the club wishes to call the press conference, they are looking for the ideal date.

The ‘forensic’ should shed light on alleged facts constituting corruption or crime in the management of the previous board of directors in different areas to, if so, take legal action against those responsible. That’s how he explained it Laporta himself at the Assembly last June. Josep Maria Bartomeu urged him by letter to show publicly everything related to the previous administration.

Initially, the ‘due diligence’ presented a few months ago and explained at a press conference by Ferran Reverter was going to bring to light all the details of the previous administration. However, in relation to possible measures against the Bartomeu board, any action was postponed to the elaboration of a ‘forensic’, a new term with which the intensive report on possible fraudulent management was called.

In December the news circulated that it was going to take place the presentation of the ‘forensic’, but it was postponed when there was already a specific day that was taken for granted. Finally, it can be presented next week, although no details have been disclosed of the content beyond what directors or executives of the club have hinted at.