This Wednesday, Club Association and AFE will sign the first agreement in the history of Spanish women's football.

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The Real Federacin Espaola de Ftbol announced today that it accepts the conditions of the Association of Women's Soccer Clubs (ACFF) to facilitate, this Wednesday, the signing of the first collective agreement of the Spanish women's football, which arrives after a day of strike and whose negotiation period expires tomorrow.

The clubs of the First Iberdrola and the Iberdrola Challenge (Second Division) may join the RFEF Lite Program, which offers them 500,000 or 100,000 euros respectively per season. Until now, only clubs that do not belong to the ACFF, that is, Barcelona, ​​Athletic Club and CD Tacn, can benefit from it.

The RFEF has also accepted the proposal of the ACFF to maintain two matches per day for the company with which the Association had initially signed, releasing the rest of the parties in order to obtain greater income, thus unlocking the retransmission of the First Iberdrola matches.

The presiding organ Luis Rubiales He said in his statement that “intends to give a definitive boost” to the competition, for which “has bet and invested.”

The unions and the ACFF had closed last December 20 a pre-agreement that had to be confirmed throughout these days. Said regular agreement, among other things, the minimum wage of the soccer players, the duration of the day, the protection in case of injury and the protocol to follow in case of pregnancy, circumstances that until now were not on the role of all the contracts that were signed.

All footballers with a part-time contract of less than 75 percent of the ordinary day, will receive a salary of 16,000 euros gross per year. A holiday of 30 calendar days is contemplated, coverage in case of withdrawal and protection in case of pregnancy: a footballer who is in her last contract season, may renew for an additional season in the same conditions in case of becoming pregnant.

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