What Alexander Isak play the European Championship with Sweden without having signed the contract improvement offered by Real Sociedad has a significant risk for the interests of the San Sebastian club. Because suitors will not be missingIn fact, they are not lacking from now on; and they will be serious temptations for a change of scenery to arise. An example is the news that comes from London, where Arsenal have set their sights on the Swedish striker to try to gain his services in this summer transfer market. Or from Italy, with the incipient interest of the Rome. They join the Barcelona within the ever-growing list of suitors. It is not surprising seeing his last two seasons at Real Sociedad, scoring 16 and 17 goals respectively. Isak, there is no doubt, is today a highly valued player, a value on the rise, by sporting level and by projection, because he is only 21 years old.

This situation, together with the fact that the Eurocup without having signed your contract extension, causes there to be some uneasiness in the Real society with the future of the Swede, despite the fact that Roberto Olabe, the Football Director, assured a week ago that he was “calm” with the situation of Alexander Isak. The truth is that they hoped that its renewal could have already been announced by now, when Isak left San Sebastián having prepared material to launch as soon as the agreement was closed. A forecast that is expected to be able to be used, because there is optimism that there will not be any unpleasant last minute surprises.

At the moment, the reality is that no club has contacted the Real to make a formal offer for Alexander Isak. In the club they are aware of the interest it arouses, and that therefore there are clubs that follow closely, some like Arsenal have even contacted their representatives to be interested in their situation. They know that a good Europe of the Swede would skyrocket his price and the interest of the big European clubs, and he does not want to lose it under any circumstances. Because it is his clear bet for the lead of next season.

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Also is true that In the club they remember that it is not that Isak ends his contract, but that his relationship with Real does not end until 2024, so whoever wants to sign him will have to scratch his pocket and negotiate, unless he pays his release clause of 70 million euros, something that in the current context of crisis that exists in football seems complicated. That makes them relatively calm, even with the danger of the 30 million it costs for Borussia Dortmund. Because the Real also works in this way, although the feeling is that it is a matter that will not be easy to specify. For now Arsenal is tracking Isak, evaluating launching his signing with an offer and has already contacted his agent to find out his situation and his requests. The Eurocopa will have the key of if it goes forward, or if in the Real they should not have any fear.


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