Autumn has arrived and for a very few days what of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva we can’t call it the soap opera of the summerwith permission from Gerard Piqué y Esther Dona with their respective messes.

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Everything has changed in a matter of hours. The daughter of Isabel Preysler she was a happily engaged woman last Thursday, September 22, and this Sunday she is no longer. As he assures Beatriz Cortazar in Is summerTamara has definitely broken up with Onieva.

After confirming what was an open secret, that the images in which the businessman kisses another girl they are from this year, the Marquise, devastated, has said enough. Not so Íñigo, who according to Antonio Rossidoes not lose hope and is “convinced that he can make amends”.

But the daughter of Carlos Falcó has more things to forgive. Since from the Telecinco program they indicate that Íñigo is aware of the controversial video days before he sees the light and for that reason he decides to rush to ask his girlfriend for her hand. Hence, everything was a big surprise for Tamara: “I didn’t expect it,” she said in the anthill last Thursdaywhen he revealed more details of how the request had been.

Iñigo Onieva’s statement

“In the videos broadcast I appear in an unacceptable attitude, for which I am absolutely sorry and devastated for it. I apologize for not being honest and I apologize to Tamara and her family publicly. I am completely in love with Tamara and she is the woman of my life, so it hurts me tremendously to have harmed her. To avoid further harm to Tamara and our families, I ask that you stop spreading images that may affect our right to privacy, and refrain from publishing information that is affecting our privacy,” the businessman wrote on his Instagram profile.

It is striking that Onieva, in addition to recognizing himself as a liar and begging for forgiveness, asks that the images stop. Will he be afraid or have a bad conscience for other acts that are not yet known?