Tamara Falcó’s new love is “a rat and a climber”, according to Íñigo Onieva

Since this Thursday the possible new illusion of Tamara Falco with the businessman Hugo Arevalo, Inigo Onieva it is trilling The car designer feels highly betrayed because he is (or rather, was) a friend of Hugo himself.

In a WhatsApp group that they both share with other friends, Íñigo has exploded. According to Ana Rosa’s programhas written against Arévalo: “Dirty rat”, “You are a climber”, “You disgust me” or “You have skipped all the friendship codes”.

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Hugo did not reply after reading these messages. They assure that he is still in the group, although with little support, since the friends would be positioning themselves morally with the ex of the Marquise de Griñón. According to Miguel Ángel Nicolás, the hurtful messages did not stop: “You are the worst person in the world,” he snapped.

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In full media commotion, Tamara herself reappeared this Thursday in her usual section of the anthill and he did not confirm the news, although he did not deny it either. “I have never lost the illusion,” she limited herself to saying.

Goodbye, Inigo

It must be remembered that Tamara and Íñigo got engaged in September and, just one day after the announcement of the engagement, the video of the businessman’s kiss of the night with another woman at a festival in Nevada was leaked. Onieva tried to recover Isabel Preysler’s daughter without success, since the Marchioness made it very clear that she no longer wanted anything with him. She then cut off all communication between the two. Hugo Arévalo, co-founder of Tuenti, is apparently her new teardrop.