Don Juan Carlos hires the lawyer of his arms dealer friend El Assir for the legal battle against Corinna

The emeritus has decided to rearm against Corinna and give a twist to their legal strategy in the case that confronts them in the British courts. Although his legal team had gotten him recognition of their immunitydon Juan Carlos you want to make sure you emerge victorious.

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For this he has listened to the advice of his close friend, the arms dealer Abdul Rahman El Assirand has contracted the services of Nicholas Tsetop lawyer of the Abu Dhabi delegation of the Lebanese law firm Alem & Associates, as published The confidential.

The aforementioned medium explains that the lawyer, “specialized in commercial law and international arbitration”, will deal with both the claim for alleged harassment filed by the German businesswoman and with managing the personal fortune of the father of Felipe VIa task that previously belonged to the English firm Clifford Chance.

El Assir, who has had an arrest and extradition order to Spain by Interpol since 2019, and the previous monarch have been friends for forty years. They met through mutual friends and were united by their love of hunting. In fact, as we already collectedDon Juan Carlos attended the wedding of his friend’s daughter, Khali El Assiry Juan Jose Franco, held in Abu Dhabi on November 13. Another well-known guest was Tamara Falcovery friend of the bride.

as we countedJuan José and Khali’s wedding was more discreet than that of Alia Maria El Assir in 2016, when Gstaad was paralyzed for three days, because the protection and safety of the father of the bride was key. The mother of the protagonist of the link is Spanish Maria Fernandez Longoria. Married since 1985 in Notre Damme (Paris) to Abdul Rahman El Assir. When they lived in Madrid, in the elitist neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, they forged a very close friendship with the daughters of Isabella Preyslerwith whom they shared school and vacations in Mustique (the island where they married Ana Boyer y Fernando Verdasco).

Khali’s husband, Juan José, is the son of Francis Francoeldest grandson of Francisco Francoy Maria Suelves, daughter of the Marquises of Tamarit, separated since 1990 after nine years of marriage. Juan José moves in Madrid’s high society and is the founder of Hunster, a company that organizes hunts in Spain, Africa and Argentina, and He is accused of poaching.