With a muffled but firm voice, the daughter of Isabel Preysler has given its first statements after the statement of Inigo Onieva admitting his infidelities, last Saturday. With the relationship broken and the engagement called off, Tamara Falco He thanked the media for their investigative work: “I thank you very much because if it weren’t for you I would never have found out about all this. And I apologize for not having believed you before”.

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The Marchioness of Griñón is still trying to digest everything that happened: “I’m still in shock. For me, marriage is a promise of eternal love, something sacred, like family, so I’m glad that all this has come out now. I don’t understand how I’ve been with him”has revealed. “He has always denied me everything, obviously. If I had known even a little bit about all this, I would not have reached this point, but I trust in God and if this has happened it is for a reason.

Isabel Preysler’s daughter added: “I am a believer and everything happens for a reason. I trust in God and if this has happened it is for something. I want someone with the same values ​​as me, I want to be treated with respect and trust is basic in a couple and I have trusted him.”