As anticipated Informaliathis Tuesday a meeting took place between the legal representatives of Gerard Piqué y Shakira in Barcelona. Ramón Tamborero, lawyer of the first, and Pilar Mané, defender of the second, have tried to bring positions closer once again but it has been impossible: “It didn’t go well at all”they count

There is no progress in the negotiation. The claims of Shakirawho wants to move to Miami with her children, are unacceptable for Pique and he has grown tired of the attitude of the Colombian, who does not yield an iota despite the attempts of advisers and experts. The artist’s interview in the magazine Elle Nor has it contributed to calm the waters, so Piqué, present at the meeting on Tuesday, has hardened his position. If they ever reached a certain consensus, by which the children would spend two years in Catalonia and then go with their mother to Miami, the defender has now backed down and wants his children to live with him in Barcelona indefinitely, without further ado. concessions to his mother.

Everything indicates that Piqué and Shakira will face each other in court, since the negotiations have entered dry dock and there is no way to reach an agreement. “The meeting between the lawyers has not gone well at all,” said journalist Laura Lago. Mané, upon leaving the office, did not want to make any statements: “I’m going to work, nothing more.”

And while Piqué strengthens his relationship with Clara Chía, increasingly settled in the footballer’s environment and life, Shakira faces her latest problem: the judge has admitted the lawsuit against the Colombian for alleged tax fraud and will seat the artist in the bench. She refused to reach a plea deal and now faces up to eight years in prison.