Luis Suárez continues to be one of the most intimidating forwards on the planet. Atlético’s 9 is no longer what it was, but still score goals and solve matches. And his career places him among the greats of this century. And there are defenses who will not forget their past duels with the Uruguayan. Vincent Kompany, former defender of Manchester City and Belgium, has acknowledged that he is the toughest forward he has faced: “It was not normal what he did every time …”.

Photo by Luis Suárez

Kompany has participated in the Rio Ferdinand podcast, Five, and they have spoken of proper names of the Premier. Asked about the most difficult rival he has faced, the Belgian confessed: “Luis Suárez. It was not normal. With him it’s like a party within a party. He falls to the ground, simulates an injury, but if you argue with the referee you already have him behind. He was everywhere … “With City he tried to stop him as a striker for Liverpool and Barça.

The Belgian recognizes that he faced each game against Luis Suárez with tension because in the field he did not give him a break: “If there is a ball behind, you are looking to the left and he jumps to the right, you are looking to the right and he is jumping to the left. When you want to turn, he is on the other side. I had my best and worst games against him because when I was at it, my style of play was to think about what I would play against him next. So if you don’t have a good day, it’s a problem. You must be on top … “.