makoke The first exclusive of the wedding already “destroyed” Kiko Matamoros y Marta Lopez Alamo last Wednesday, the one they made wedding dresses two days before going down the aisle. In the end it was she who eclipsed the bride on the same cover, with the hanger that she announced that she was going to be a grandmother again thanks to her son, Javier Tudela. This Saturday, one day after the wedding held in Madrid, Makoke has sent a message.

He has done it in the form of a video for the program Fiesta: “Piece of actor, they had to give you an Oscar”. For the 26-year-old model, she has also had her own: “I wanted to address the brand new wife: I hope the same does not happen to you.”

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Makoke, in turn, has been ironic: “I am sad and remorseful. I have missed the wedding of the year. It has been devastating.” And he has sent some messages to Marta: “I hope that on your wedding list you have asked for earplugs. I hope that you have already filled your freezer with a lot of chicken and a lot of vegetables to make the porridge that I stopped making five years ago with Nice to meet you”.

And he has finished his message with a direct dart to Kiko, who is left without a job after the end of Save me on June 23: “I hope your honeymoon got off to a good start, not like mine, although you’re going to have plenty of free time now to enjoy yourself.” They got married in 2016, but separated in 2018, after twenty years together, starting a media and judicial war over the embargoed house of La Finca, in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

In social networks, the reactions have not been long in coming. “Makoke has denigrated herself as a woman with the words she has said”, “She is busted, she does not say it from the heart, let her get over it, it’s time …”, “Let her leave Matamoros alone. She is envious”, ” Heartbroken and busted” or “Awful performance by Makoke. You’re bitter.”

Others have also come to his defense: “Great Makoke. You do well to take things humorously” or “Come on Makoke!”.