Ppsible penalty not indicated on Joaquín Muñoz. “Let's hope that when the season ends that balance that I now believe is uneven against us will be adjusted. New Year New Life. My speech is going to be not to complain about anything. The referees already have it very complicated and we can be sanctioned “.

General valuationl. “We have to keep that we have lost two points. In the first half we got, due to our mistakes, a team that had just won away and wanted to find our mistakes. They had more patience than us and I have transferred it to rest. I think we have. When we have scored the goal, there are five very important minutes and we had a small error and then the action of the penalty ”.

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The VAR did not review Escassi's penalty. “We have not been able to see it. Right now I've been talking to Alberto and we have to know how to understand the game, pretending seems to have a prize and we have to adjust a lot. When I see it carefully I will analyze it privately because I do not want a message to come out today from the Malaga coach complaining. We are sad because we could have achieved a victory that would have given us peace of mind to finish the first lap. There are decision-making in which we cannot do anything ”.

Effectiveness in attack. “Cristian's yellow card penalizes us for the whole game. We like high blood pressure. Before they tied us we had prepared that we were going to play with Caye and Orlando. He has released Caye and we have lacked more calm in that area, but he is a good example of how players react to different situations. Joaquín has lacked having the soul of a forward. I don't want to individualize, in general terms the team has been good. We are going to stay with it ”.

The goal debate not to vary. “I have not said that they are going to play 2 and 2 or 3 and 3. Last year we only had one player with a professional record in that position and we are going to assess the day-to-day of the competition and the day-to-day work. It is normal that in that specific position the goalkeepers do not know who is going to play. They compete, it is healthy competition and everyone is on alert. We need all the players. Josua, a special mention, is one of us. We need everyone. We are very clear internally, we want them to compete and tomorrow afternoon to start training again. It is normal that there is debate but I am very happy with the performance of Dani Barrio and Juan Soriano “.

Distribution of minutes for the double duel against Oviedo. “Tomorrow we will see the part of annoyances. Let's see which players we can recover, we have to be careful. We will try to adjust as much as possible, see if we start with three or four affiliate players. There will be players who will play in the Cup and will have to play in the League. There is no magic wand here. Let's see and adjust. We will try to compete, the Cup makes us excited. The best thing would be if there were no injuries of any kind, that's what I ask the Three Wise Men not to get my footballers injured ”.

Jairo. “He scored a goal and played good minutes. He comes from playing little, from an injury and this year he has not had continuity. I see him work, I see him happy. We are here to recover all the footballers, we cannot lose any player along the way. We are in a dynamic and in this group we have to recover everyone. I'm very happy for Jairo ”.


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