That Barça has come to suffer in 2021 was clear in Huesca. Rarely has a team as superior to the rival as Barça offered as much funk sensation as the Blaugrana team in their visit to the bottom. The culé team won 0-1 in a game in which Koeman's men combined two antagonistic sensations that only occur in this team: asking for the time in a match that could have ended in a landslide in their favor.

Barça came out to play their first game of the year with the intention of changing things and forgetting the nightmare of 2020. The calendar put him on a platter to make his New Year's resolution come true of crushing his inferior rival, and Huesca is far inferior to those of Koeman, who entered the field without Griezmann, who continues to pay for the sins of the last year, throwing himself into the jugular of Míchel's team, which suffered a first half of absolute siege.

Barcelona's improvement in attitude and intimidation was not accompanied by the gift of effectiveness, to the despair of a Koeman who saw how a game that was an abuse at the beginning was not reflected on the scoreboard. Álvaro, the local goalkeeper, was largely to blame for the Barça coach getting on his nerves on the wing. He took a goal ball from Pedri in the seventh minute and later he would make one of the stops of the year to a Messi free-kick. Beyond these occasions, Dembélé failed in the final luck and once again Pedri wasted an opportunity in a header that went high. At 20 minutes, a game that Barcelona should have resolved, was still tied at zero. And Koeman, who has been warning for weeks that you can not forgive, you could see the usual panorama coming.

It was at this point that it became clear that this team needs a finisher. This same game, with Ansu on the field, would have lasted 25 minutes, but if Pedri defined all those that come to him, it would be Kubala. And so far, he's just the best of the team at creation.

The left wing of the Blaugrana team, with Pedri in command and Alba and Dembélé on percussion, was torture for the Huesca. However, in a government work very much in our time, all the promises of Barça on the left were realized from the right when in the 27th minute De Jong caught a 'quarterback' assist from Messi to score the first goal of the game.

Barça deserved more in the first half against Huesca that the best thing they got out of the first act was the result. The only occasion of the premises was a poisoned cession of Busquets to Ter Stegen that surely, In 2020 it would have ended in a goal, but the change of year must be noted in something.

The good news for Huesca was the bad news for a Barça that was aware that it could have the game archived for a long time. PTherefore, everything will depend on the next goal. Barça could not find it and left Huesca margin to give scares like that of Mikel Rico at 63 minutes at the exit of a corner kick that Ter Stegen conjured. Barça once again gave the sensation of playing with fire because as the timer ran, the 1-0 became smaller, especially if Álvaro was still sweet against Messi, who he took a brutal shot in the 67th minute.

From there, Barça saw how what could have been a win turned into a birth in which the Blaugrana team ended up playing against their ghosts because, although the year has changed, they have come to the world to suffer. And what's left.


Idrissa Doumbia (64 ', Mikel Rico), Juan Carlos (71 ', Polished), Ferreiro (71 ', Jaime Seoane), Shinji Okazaki (71 ', Sergio Gómez), Oscar Mingueza (74 ', Sergiño Dest), Pjanić (74 ', Busquets), Griezmann (80 ', Braithwaite)


0-1, 26 ': Frenkie De Jong


Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Javi Ontiveros (83 ', Yellow


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