the ex of Iker Casillas has resumed its activity on social networks this Wednesday after last Monday 21, I had to go through emergency surgery after undergoing a routine review. The medical tests showed that something was wrong and the team of professionals who care for her at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra decided to operate on her without delay.

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Far from revealing how he is in these delicate moments, Sarah Carbonero speak for her, and she has done so with the new song by one of her favorite singers, valeria castro.

little by littlea melodic song that says in its chorus: “it’s worth it if you want to look me in the eye, I’ll settle for a little, which I don’t need so much (…) Contain the desire to live again today (…) No It’s easy but you can’t pretend it’s not important”.

Since the news broke, his mother Goyi Arevalo and her friend Isabel Jimenez They have been with her at all times, according to what she said Lectures. His sister Irene is the one who is taking care of their children Martín y Lucassince Iker Casillas is in Qatar broadcasting the Soccer World Cup with RTVE.

According to the aforementioned media, the exporter was willing to give up this professional commitment to return immediately to Spain, but finally the ex-marriage decided that the best thing for both the children and public opinion was to normalize Sara’s health problem .

It should be remembered that the journalist She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago. She then underwent surgery at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid and followed the relevant chemotherapy treatment until she recovered. However, it is not confirmed that this new health setback is related.