Sara Carbonero more reflective than ever about the ups and downs of life, after missing a plane and touring Galicia

Sarah Carbonero has opened up in meats on Instagram. The presenter, for whom the most important thing in her life is her two children from her marriage to Iker Casillas, Martín9 years old and Lucasof 6 years old, has described how she has felt as a mother and as a person before the future of life, after missing a plane and enjoying the beautiful Galician landscapes. An uneasy text that starts from frustration and ends up celebrating the good that existence offers depending on what circumstances. He needed to vent and he did so by remembering what Martín, his son, wrote to him last summer when he took the close-up photo that accompanies the post and that the boy described with a disturbing phrase: “Mom has sad eyes.”

A trip through Spain that goes awry, and the journalist has expressed it in her networks without qualms: “I have not believed in coincidences for a long time. Today has been one of those days that start badly because you miss a plane and you inevitably feel like a bad mother , that you do not reach everything, that you are failing”.

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Casillas’s ex has overcome the setback, as she explained: “But you quickly go back and look for the next flight in record time and here we are, it had been many years since I had set foot in Galicia.”

Sara’s reflections continue and she rescues a paragraph from Trías that talks about the comebacks of existence: “In this life you have to die several times to later be reborn. And crises, although they are frightening, serve us to cancel an era and inaugurate another” , it states.

Carbonero then writes words full of mixed feelings between the positive and the negative of existence. “I know that each story (the one that we are writing gropingly throughout our lives) is a forest with hundreds of forking paths, high hills, words to say. I know that all this will be ashes and that joy will not always reign That’s impossible,” he tries to analyze.

“Now I breathe from the incomparable pure air and the green landscapes of this area. We have passed next to the island of San Simón, which was used as a monastery, lazaretto, prison and home for orphaned children”, describes the model and businesswoman who discovers us through a video recorded from inside a car how he is touring Galician lands and how much they are impressing him for good.

“I am distracted by writing and we are already in the Pontevedra estuary. Another wonder of nature. Breathe, catch air, everything is fine and will be fine. Falling and getting up, joy will not always be there but the desire will be, walking despite everything. The rain can be small. Come on. Attitude and a lot of love”, concludes the former sports reporter, showing with her intimate story her literary capacity and how writing can be a healing activity for the soul, and the stresses of life.

In a previous publication it has been possible to see Sara enjoying the spectacular sunsets and showing a small recording of some male hands playing the guitar that, presumably, are those of her new dream, the musician Nacho Taboadawho accompanies her in her new stage of life, both in the happiest moments, as well as in the most reflective and intimate ones.