Rosalía tests her fiancé, Rauw Alejandro, with an intimate test: “What is my bra size?”

The Catalan singer and the Puerto Rican artist announced their engagement last march after three years of relationship. However, before taking such a step, Rosalía y Raw Alejandro have been put to the test with the Love Test of the magazine GQ to find out how much you know about each other.

While the interpreter of Congratulations She has asked him such everyday questions in his life as artists, such as what is the most intimate song he has written for her, Motomami has gone to some more specific ones, such as what is the size of her bra.

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“I have written you many songs, which one is the most deep What have I written to you?”, says Rauw. “Museum”, Rosalía responds without thinking, although she later regrets it and corrects herself laughing, “I’m joking, it’s “That Nap ZzZz”. About the size of his fiancée’s bra, Rauw is doubtful but correct: “M in sports Bra (sports bras) and B cup bra.” “It’s true,” she approved.

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Later, both have become more romantic and have told when was the first time they saw each other, their first kiss and how was the day of their engagement. “We met for the first time in Las Vegas, at the Latin Grammys. You thought I was a player (womanizer)”, reveals Rauw. “But no, I won the lottery”, says Rosalía proudly.

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“Our first kiss was in Madrid in 2019, before Christmas Eve, on the 23rd,” explains the one from San Juan to the surprise of the one from San Esteban de Sasroviras: “What a memory, you remember the number and everything.” “She was wearing a black suit… It was our first date, I drank whiskey and she drank water,” he adds.

Then, Rosalía has recounted in detail the moment of the marriage proposal: “It was in the most beautiful way I could have imagined. On the roof of Rauw’s grandmother’s house. Fireworks started, all of Puerto Rico could be seen and I didn’t expect it… Rauw told me ‘come, I want to show you a place’. And I followed him in the most innocent way, and suddenly he started looking for something…”, he says. “I thought ‘what is he looking for?’ He knelt down, I think… he was nervous. I just thought ‘I can’t believe it, he’s not going to give me a ring’. And then I started crying,” confess.

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